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11 Dad Bloggers React to that Viral Comic

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If you’re a parent chances are you’ve seen Beardo’s touching comic circulating on social media in the last few weeks. We thought it would be fun to reach out to a range of dad bloggers to share their reactions to it.

And just incase you haven’t seen it – here it is in its entirety:


After reading it I got a little choked up. There were no tears streaming down my face, but let’s just say there was an abundance of fluid in my eyes for a few moments. Once this touching sentiment subsided, I started to feel some guilt.

Right now my wife and I are in a really tough stage with our two boys. One is grinding our gears with his “threenager” antics and we’re knee-deep in potty training (not literally, thank goodness). On top of that, for the past several months, our teething 1 year-old has been scrambling our minds by screech-crying – inconsolably, for lengthy periods of time – for seemingly no reason at all. Plus, the two of us are with our kids around the clock – she’s on mat leave and I work from home. Neither of the kids are in preschool or daycare and we don’t get many breaks from them. So there are quite a few frustrating and miserable moments behind the scenes that we mostly keep to ourselves. We’re totally getting our butts kicked and there’s usually two of us on duty – big shout-out to the moms and dads who are managing this situation on their own.

That’s the stuff you don’t see in Facebook photos, or in this comic strip. Parenting is not all sweet toddler hugs, first steps and proud milestones. In my experience so far, there are at least two tough moments for every Kodak one.

My wife and I have both joked occasionally about our need for a fast-forward button. This strip quickly reminded me that we should immediately discontinue our efforts to develop that technology. Our calls to Shark Tank have gone unreturned, anyway.

Beardo reminds us to live in the important moments and to let the tough ones slide. I’ve admittedly had a really hard time with the latter. But the upside to this goal is that, now, when the Kodak moments are unfolding, I view them in IMAX 3D Lucasfilm THX Dolby Surround-Sound quality. I’ve actually made a habit of pretending my eyes are shutters and making a click sound in my head. A little silly, I know, but I think it’s a good way to make a mental note of these moments that make it all worthwhile.

And, hey, it’s perfectly acceptable to be frustrated by parenting and you shouldn’t feel any guilt about it. I can’t say it enough: parenting is effing hard.

I also felt like I missed out on this series because this strip is apparently the last one. Somehow it flew under my radar. Dad brain strikes again. But it’s like discovering a great TV show years later and having the luxury of binge watching!

You can grab Beardo goodies here.

What Other Dad Bloggers Thought

I’m not crying, you’re crying! Just kidding, but this thing does hit you right in the feels. As a father to three young children, this sums up my life perfectly. I know that my life with my kids will be filled with moments of connect and disconnect. My oldest is only eight years old, but he’s already slowly starting to get pulled from me. Between school, sports, new interests, and new friends, he’s becoming his own person. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the reality of raising children. They are slowly growing into adults. They are yours and yours only for a short amount of time. It’s worth soaking up every single moment you can! Over summer he crawled into my bed one night and said “I just want to cuddle”. I was exhausted from the day and almost told him to go back to bed. But then it hit me, there will come a day, sooner than later, that I’m gonna wish he’d say those words to me. So for now I’m gonna continue to soak up all the cuddles I can get, because I know these moments are fleeting!

– Brandon Andrina – Professional Stay At Home Dad (check him out here)

My daughter is growing so quickly. It’s so easy to forget what she looked like when she arrived, and every day when I get home from work, she’s grown a little more. I can’t get enough of little hugs, rolling on the ground with her and spending time pretending to make cups of tea.

Sometimes it’s too tempting to look away for a moment and see what’s going on with our phones. Has someone replied to a group text or sent me an email?

I try to remind myself that these moments with our children will be mere memories tomorrow.

– James R.C. Smith – Social Dad (check him out here)

Parenting has been one of the weirdest experiences I’ve ever gone through. I never really put a lot stock in wanting to create and form a miniature version of myself, but since doing so over the past (almost) 6 years, I have related more and more to sentiments like seen in the last Beardo comic. In much of my writing, as well as my daily online musings, I joke about how much I can’t wait for my kids to grow up and move out. And while that’s still true, seeing them grow has hit me hard. Whether it’s watching my oldest climb on the school bus for his first day of kindergarten, like he was an old pro; only to not even look back…or celebrating my daughter’s first birthday over the summer; realizing this is the last time we’ll have a 1yo party. Or maybe it’s the realization of my own mortality. Watching my kids grow, get older, need me less and less, it really brings so much into perspective. And it certainly makes you want to hold onto moments for just a little longer.

– Mike – PapaDoesPreach (check him out here)

As someone whose kid is between panel 6 & 7, I can totally relate! Way to capture all the thought that goes into being a father, as well as all of the future thinking/worrying we do.

Also, I’m pretty psyched we’ll have floating Skype in 2040! 😉

– Brent – Designer Daddy (check him out here)

This strip captures the relationship I want to have with my daughters and the fears I have as I see my kids getting older every day. Time goes so fast for dads and you truly do have to capture the moments and try and go slow, treasuring all of them as they will be gone before you know it!

– Christoper Lewis – Dad of Divas (check him out here)

Beardo’s final comic was way too real for me. I’m lucky to be the father of an incredible 11-month old baby girl and she’s become my life. We had a period when she was going through a 6-month sleep regression and she would only want to sleep in my arms. The second I put her down she would scream and we weren’t getting any sleep. It then donned on me that I would only have the opportunity to do this only at that moment, and every day that went by she would be further away from being 100% fulfilled by just being cradled and walked around in my arms. I cried many times just thinking about her growing up and I sure as hell did again when I saw this comic. It’s really important to consistently stop and take it all in because these moments are more valuable than anything and it’s so easy to take them for granted.

– Marlon Gutierrez – Being Papa (check him out here)

I feel like I want to have it both ways. I’ve never stopped to think anything like, “I wish she could stay this little forever,” because the next phase was always worth looking forward to: smiling, sitting up, walking, talking, not acting like a toddler… But then my second daughter was born, and looking at them side by side, and seeing how much bigger my first-born was, I felt like, “shit, I missed something.”

– John Connor – The Veteran Dad (check him out here)

This comic sums up perfectly how I feel each day when I come home from work and hold my little daughter. Just 7 months ago, after entering this world abruptly via c-section, my little one went straight to the NICU, unable to bottle feed and needing assistance breathing. Now, 7 months and 11 lbs later, whenever I walk in the door, she greets me with a smile and a giggle, holding her head up proudly as she takes her first tentative crawl towards me. In my more sentimental moments, I already reflect back on those “early months” when we were in our old apartment, and remember when she couldn’t do x, y or z. This comic strip is a reminder to me that there will be many more such memories made with my daughter that I will look back on fondly, and perhaps with a dose of nostalgia. But before I let any any of those happen, I should be mindful to live each day with her in the present because, like the last 7 months, the next few decades (God willing) will go surprisingly fast.

– Andy D. – The Dad Depot (check him out here)

Perspective is that which so subtly drives
Each second, each minute, each hour of our lives;
And yet we forget in the tocks of toil and gold
That time is a robber and children grow old.

‘Tis true that remembering the future is how
A man lightens the here and treasures the now;
So I’ll cling to my little one but more to the minute
And firmest to perspective and the love that comes with it.

– D. Doug Mains – Dadding Depressed (check him out here)

Some life advice I once received: Enjoy the journey. Walk slowly. Think this comic strip captures all of that and more. As an expectant dad, I look forward to experiencing these moments along the journey with my child. I can now appreciate being the child in the other side, especially towards the end scenes.

– Josh Opinion – #Stephaniesopinion (check him out here)


What effect did this comic have on you? Let us know in the comments section below!

Jimmy A.

Stay-at-home, try-to-work-from-home, father of two boys ages 4 years and 21 months. Exiled from Adventure Bay by the Paw Patrol, now chilling on Griffin Rock with the Rescue Bots.

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I have been through three generations of parenting. First my three, Jim (1959-2010, Melissa (1963—-), and Steve (1967-2002). Jim married and gave us Christina (1989—–), she in turn presented us with Jaylyn (2006—-). Each generation represents another link in the chain. I only met one of my grandparents, I am first generation American. I do have pictures of my all my grandparents and even my mother’s grandparents. Now I am Papou (grandpa in Greek) to my granddaughter but to her daughter as well. I am very proud of my off-springs and hope to be around a long time to watch… Read more »

John Adams
John Adams

My youngest daughter starts school tomorrow. This cartoon speaks to me!