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About to Take a Beeting

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A regular feature that showcases the mistakes, the unusual and the downright weird sh*t in kids books. 

This snapshot is from a hidden picture book inspired by Bee Movie. My son loves to play the “can you find….” game with these super detailed books.

But is there anything that STRIKES YOU as odd here? (Aside from my near seamless rip repair job? Does anyone else take unnecessary pride in their scotch tape talents?)

Graffiti. I know, I know, it’s vandalism, it’s illegal, but maybe this cop’s reaction is just a smidge harsh?

“It’s street art, officer!”

And that was the last time Banksy was ever caught…

If you spot something weird while reading to your kids – please upload an image in the comments section below. We may feature it in a future post with credit to you!

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