Paternity Fraternity is a community and support network for new dads. From, “Let’s make a baby!” to “Holy sh*t, I’m going to be a dad!” we’ve got your back. If it’s 4 a.m. and you’re covered in baby tears, pee and poo – we’ve been there. And when your angelic infant becomes a possessed toddler, we’ll give you a shoulder to cry on.

Even if you’re just looking to understand what your best pal is going through with his new baby, any friend of his is a friend of ours. Because the “Fraternity” part symbolizes brothers bonding over babies.

Women have had this support system right since, well, the inception of humans. Friends will rally around moms-to-be throughout their pregnancy and beyond. And new moms are more likely to get help from other moms along the way. Needless to say this dynamic is an inspiration around these parts.

Dads are better known for isolating themselves and bottling everything up in favor of the “man-up!” Jedi mind trick. (Hint: it doesn’t work.) That, combined with other silly macho reasons, sometimes prevents us from connecting with other dads.

Well, times they are a-changin’.

Hey, parenting is really tough. Have no illusions: babies will kick our butts.

But you can always come here for a little help from your brothers.

For more information on PF and how it came to be, check out our debut post from our launch on Father’s Day.