Al Gore Puts Down The Paw Patrol

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In what’s shaking-up to be an epic Twitter fight, environmentalist Al Gore just called out Ryder from The Paw Patrol. Apparently AG is unhappy the pups don’t ride share. If you’re not down with the dogs, here’s the scoop: when there’s a rescue mission – each pup arrives on the scene in their own massive vehicle. Worse yet, they all usually leave from the same location aka “The Lookout.”

Here’s what Al tweeted:

Ryder set the record straight with this tweet by pointing out that Al is full of hot air – a hypocrite given he’s often touring the world in his private jet.

Man he’s one sharp 10 year old. But wait, does he even go to school? Where are his parents? Who bankrolls the operation? Where do they get their tech? Is Adventure Bay just an Elon Musk simulation? So many unanswered questions.

Update: Both tweets have since been deleted.

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Stay-at-home, try-to-work-from-home, father of two boys ages 4 years and 21 months. Exiled from Adventure Bay by the Paw Patrol, now chilling on Griffin Rock with the Rescue Bots.

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