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    OK so the Godfather says no hazing (totally not cool but whatever he calls the shots). However, I’m posing one demand on allowing you into the house: Introduce yourself you the brothers. and to be fair I’ll start

    Father of 1 under 1, from Maryland, always looking for fun projects or things to do with my son. I enjoy a good beer and I’m a bit of a nerd.

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      Jimmy A.

      Ha! I’m no party pooper! I just figured it would be hard to co-ordinate online. Is it the submission of a specified new dad photo? ie – poop, puke or pee on your shirt? Some sort of challenge with dad and baby? Or something along those lines? Let’s brainstorm, I like it!

      P.S. Jimmy A. 2 kids under 4. Stay at homer. Totally getting my butt kicked.

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      You may not be, but I’m sure at some point your kid was (I know mine was)!! I like the idea of a kid mess picture or similar for the older dads out there. Perhaps a cheerio stacking contest picture?

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      Corey (CJ) father of 1 almost 1yr. Tolerating Louisiana and working full time. I get more sleep now than I did before I had kids.

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