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Top 5 Adult Injuries From Baby Safety Gates

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If you’re a new dad, baby safety at home is among your top priorities. I remember proudly purchasing our first two gates at a baby shop while our first bun was still in the oven. Both gates claimed to be “quick and easy” installs with no additional tools required. “Take my money!” I said happily, knowing full well I lacked even the most basic tools (and skills.)

Two hours after opening the first package I was clearly losing my mind. At one point during the install insanity I considered it might just be easier for the baby to fall down a few stairs here and there. What’s a little bump on the head compared to dad being locked away by men in white jackets? Alas, I battled through those installs with my sanity mostly intact. My unborn child, however, definitely heard his first f-bombs via the womb that day.

Once these gates are fully operational you quickly realize they’re not very convenient and completely unsafe for adults. I’ve had a very heavy pressure mounted one fall on my foot. I’ve also tripped up the stairs after getting my pants snagged on one.

Baby safety gates are a leading cause of adult injury. Here’s proof:

1. The Postman Always Falls Twice

2. Beware the Vacuum

3. It Came From The Dark

4. Stairway to Heaven

5. A Side of Broken Ribs

(OK, OK, some of these individuals are not using them according to the instructions…or common sense, but still…!)

Share your baby gate horror tales in the comments below!

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