Welcome Brother!

You’re in, now huddle-in!

The good news is that there’s no initiation or hazing in this frat.  Your “bundle of joy” will automatically take care of putting you through rigorous mental and physical challenges.

Our mission is make you LOL. But also to support and to connect new fathers with each other. We find it’s really helpful to be in touch with dads going through the same stuff.

So you may want to spruce up your profile here.  Just for the record, we’re not looking to collect data on you – the information in your profile is strictly to connect dads in similar situations. As our directory of Brothers grows you’ll soon be able to browse and follow some other dads (we JUST launched so hold tight on this.) There’s also an internal messaging system if you want to reach out directly.

Or just use it as your homepage for all your online dad activities – you can add links to your social accounts and blog.

If none of that is your bag, no worries, you can turn off the messaging system and even keep your profile private here.

We’d love it if you’d say hello in our forums. They’ll be filled with tumbleweeds in the early goings as we build our user base. Eventually we’ll expand the topics and hope for it to be a great destination if you’re looking for feedback or have questions for other new fathers.

If you didn’t opt-in to our mailing list during registration – why not? If you typically shy away from newsletters we understand! I was never a fan of newsletters, but now my dad brain is so numb it’s an awesome reminder to stay connected to the site and other dads in the same boat. Whatever you decide – you can opt in, or out, via your account settings page at any time.

Other great ways to stay connected: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By the way if you know any other new dads or (dads-to-be) it would be awesome if you let them know about us.

The first rule of Paternity Frat is don’t always talk about Paternity Frat.

Finally, if you want to get involved as a contributor or have any other comments or questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us here.

May sleep be with you.


(Check out my profile here and message me anytime!)